Interior Inspiration


In January 2011, via a family connection, Chef Tom Gray contacted Maine Heritage Timber to help conceptualize his unique vision to create a captivating atmosphere that would provide patrons with an unforgettable culinary experience, while paying homage to his family’s Maine roots.

Maine Heritage Timber, located in Millinocket, specializes in high-quality wood products created using sunken virgin-growth timber lost to Maine’s Penobscot River during the height of the logging gold rush. For over 100 years, this wood has been preserved under nature's frigid cover resulting in stunning hues, tight grains and unique character and charm.

Founded in 2010, by Steve Sanders and Tom Shafer, Maine Heritage timber preserves 1000 acres of timberland annually from being cut and assists in the revival of an otherwise dormant ecosystem.


Within Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails you will find:

Bar Tops: Cut from ax fallen oak logs from 1899.

Table Tops: Made with spruce/fir and oak, and mixed with metal to achieve Chef Tom's vision.

Beams Overhead (main dining room / downstairs bar): Made from spruce logs, originally intended for delivery to cities during the industrial revolution in the mid 1800s.

Floating Bar Tables (upstairs bar area): End grains and rings accentuate the meld of metal and wood.

Outdoor Tables: Destined for use in British ship building in the early 1800s, these classic pine tables feature original patinas.

Wall Treatments & Outdoor Benches: Spruce and fir cut in the mid 1800s.

Front Landscape Bench: Made of Douglas fir that was first shipped by railcar from Washington and Oregon in the early 1900s. Originally used as booms to corral the wood in the water, this beautiful non-indigenous species is a living part of history.


In 2016, Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails was voted from among 32 standout design projects with the “People’s Choice Award” by the American Institute for Architecture (AIA) Florida for our unique, eco-aware, efficient space. With the many personal touches built in, such as the wooden “map panel” murals, reclaimed wood, and handwrought metalwork, guests find connections in the ways the architecture, design, food and ambiance work together to create a warm and welcoming space.


Design Credits

Building Architecture + Interior Design:
AI3, Atlanta, GA

Kitchen + Bar Design:
Next Step Design, Annapolis, MD

Graphic Design:
Air Conditioned (Design), Santa Monica, CA

Reclaimed Wood + Handcrafted Furniture:
Maine Heritage Timber, Millinocket, ME

Miguel Emmanuelli
Sue Root Barker



Featured Artist

Dennis Campay
Atlanta, GA + Jacksonville, FL

“MOXIE” (Interior Stair Atrium)
“PLOW” (Upstairs Lounge)
“SHE PASSES TIME” (Cowhide Room)

Long an admirer and collector of Dennis’ work, the abstract atrium piece was a originally a painting that caught Chef Tom's eye during a visit to the artist’s studio. Dennis personalized the painting for the restaurant and it was scanned and digitally enlarged to fill the 11' x 12' atrium space. “Plow” and “She Passes Time” were selected by the artist to compliment the hues found in the wood, leather and fabric in the upstairs spaces.

A graduate of the Atlanta College of Art in 1992, Dennis and his wife, Colette, now divide their time between Atlanta and the historic neighborhood of San Marco in Jacksonville, FL. Campay has received numerous prizes and honors for his work, and his art is hung in permanent museum collections around the South.

Drawing holds a central place in my work. I have spoken of its role and uses both as its own and as a key part of my paintings and sculptures but most surely in my creative process. I have explored and investigated through drawing a language of marks that communicates different narratives which creates feelings, memories of environments and elements of things that we encounter in everyday life.

As the viewer experiences the work they begin to explore feelings and memories that may intertwine with my own or may not. This creates a kaleidoscope of stories allowing the work to grow with the viewer through the lens of the experience of life.

My images represent a period of time - a glimpse into the ongoing evolution of a body of work. Perhaps you will see a story here that resonates with your own.

Featured Artist

Mico Fuentes
Jacksonville, FL

Wood “MAP PANELS” (Private Dining Rooms)
“FENCING” and “NO PARKING” (Upstairs Restrooms)

Mico created the original Map Panel works for Chef Tom and Sarah Marie in honor of their many colorful years of personal and culinary experiences. Each map represents a different stage in their lives with the final panel being Jacksonville. The birds featured on the upstairs bathroom walls are indicative of Mr. Fuentes’ aesthetic, using block printing, and wildlife imagery. Digital scans reproduced the images to larger-than-life scale yet retail the visual textures and layering within the originals.

Beginning a process with nothing, and ending with a tangible expression of my experience is what endures and drives me to create. I create work centered upon my perception of reality: a triad of spiritual, mathematic, and vibrant forms. I experience the environment around me - the images, flavors and textures - as a series of patterns and lines, and I see the process of rendering those into artistic vision as exploring conversations between real and unseen, power and form, animal and mineral.

Art makes me reflect on my beliefs and attempt to solve the mysteries of my being, I strive to create works that compel others to consider their lives in a new light, allowing room for interpretation so that each viewer may construct his or her own experience.

The First Coast holds the spirit of development, and the American conquer. There is such a large amount of history all around us juxtaposed with fast growth of technology, and infrastructure. The richness of our past shows itself in my work through maps and charts, and the wildlife (bird) imagery is frequently derived from images I have captured around the region.